Good bass and excellent sound are the first thing that you look for when you’re deciding to buy speakers that will be excellent for your car. The built in (stock speakers) are usually not that good when it comes to delivering the best sound quality. Therefore, it is advised you invest in a system that is accurately perfect and fits in the budget. The less the sound system cost, the less the maintenance charges will be. However, this doesn’t mean that you invest in a cheap and low quality system. You have to buy something that fits in the charts perfectly.

To make the stereo sound all bright and clear, that doesn’t crack up as the volume is increased you need to make a few adjustments in the system itself which are as follows:

6x9 speaker with good bass

Invest In Some 6×9 Car Speakers

Your regular car speakers aren’t too bright. You have to invest in some top quality woofers, Good 6×9 speakers and amplifiers to enhance the quality of the sound and get some excellent bass. The replacement will work as better alternative options on which you can get some clear sound and vocal effects. The bass too will be more defined and won’t sound crushed or broken. Low profile 6×9 speakers aren’t recommended for this. You need some brands that are well known and explore the best models that give good bass.

Add An Amplifier

Although the first step already makes a dramatic difference in the sound and quality of the music, yet when you add an amplifier, the sound produced will come cleaner and the overall sound will be better. The clarity will be unmatched. An amplifier adds more power to the system and at times if you’re not keen about the sound you might not even think to go for an amplifier but it certainly makes a huge difference. You can also add an equalizer that adds less shrill to the music and won’t sound displeasing to the ears. Use cables that are premium made and high quality for your system. If you use regular power cable, it can lower the quality of the 6×9 Car Speakers.

Get 6×9 Speaker Box Of A Better Quality

6×9 Speakers In Box should be sealed tightly and made of excellent quality. The box will control the volume and the sound quality. If the system doesn’t sit properly inside the box then there are chances that it may harm the entire stereo system as well as the 6×9 Speakers. You can add the amplifier and the woofer inside the box to get a better bass. You can either get these boxes pre-made or custom made or buy them online with the right measurements.

These three options will definitely change the sound system and quality. Now the question arises that what sort of speakers you should invest in for excellent bass.

There are several 6×9 Speakers with good bass that deliver an excellent sound system with value. We have reviewed some of these models from the best sounding 6×9 speakers. Here are our picks on the list:

Hertz HCX 690 6×9 Car Speakers Reviewbest sounding 6x9 speakers

Although Hertz produces some of the expensive models of best sounding 6×9 speakers, but the quality that they produce and excel in is something that they never compromise on. These speakers are made from high quality materials and are easy to install on the speaker box inside the car. As mentioned above, you can double the sounding experience, by adding woofers, amplifiers and premium quality cables to enhance the quality even further.

Sony XS-GT6937A 6×9 Car Speakers Reviewbest value 6x9 speakers

These have a power rating of 420 watts. Sony is said to produce some of the most amazing and best value 6×9 speakers that produces good bass. These produce 3 ways sound which makes them reasonably priced and gives a balanced output.


JBL GT0638 6×9 Car Speakers ReviewJBL GT0638 6x9 Car Speakers Review

Speaking of excellent sound and vocal quality you have to add speaker models by JBL as they are the makers of excellent speaker system, earphones and other gadgets that enhance the quality of the sound and give you outstanding music experience. This speaker system is a 3 way and supports 90dB of sensitivity level, making it an excellent choice and best value 6×9 speakers.

JBL GT0629 Premium 6×9 Car Speakers Reviewbest 6x9 car speakers

This is also an excellent option for the JBL speaker’s line that produces infinitely amazing results. Although these are 2 way yet these are considered to be one of the best 6×9 car speakers with a range between 50-100 watts RMS.

Alpine SPR-60 6×9 Car Speakers Reviewalpine spr 60 6x9

Decent speakers include both quality and affordability. These speakers feature a 2 way sound system that has an impedance level of 4 ohms and a sensitivity level of 86 dB. The RMS range varies between 80-280 watts. As far as the reviews and quality are concerned the rating of Alpine SPR-60 is a good 4.5 out of 5.

These speakers undoubtedly have the best system available and are considered to be the best 6×9 speakers for bass. We have presented some of the low key comparisons between these good 6×9 speakers however you can view their pricings on the internet and ratings, reviews as well to get a better insight on the types and quality differences that each of these have.

These speakers range from low rates to expensive and premium rates depending on several factors such as the quality and design of the speakers, the manufacturers, the technical system rates, RMS/Peak, sensitivity level, impedance level, the quality of the box, pricing etc. You have to do some research on your own to get the perfect sounding system and the right value for your money.

There are a number of 6×9 Car Speakers that produce excellent bass and sound. The ones listed above are considered to be on budget and have excellent ratings. These brands are well known and have been in the market to be the best sound speakers yet. You can also check out our reviews to know more about the best speakers available on the market.

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